Membership Types

Active Member - Dues $40

Any person of good moral character whose principal occupation at the time of application is that of a licensed peace officer or criminal justice employee, either federal, state, or local, within the State of North Dakota, or a special member who has been in their qualifying position for at least one year, shall be eligible for active membership.

Sustaining Member - Dues $40

Any other person involved in law enforcement or criminal justice but unable to qualify as an active members, may become a sustaining member of the association upon payment of the annual dues. Sustaining member shall not have the privilege of voting or holding office. Persons eligible for sustaining membership shall be members of police auxiliary units, police reserves units, special deputy sheriffs, exhibitors at annual conferences, private security officers, the Publicity Director and staff of the Association publication, and such other persons approved by the Executive Board of the Association.

Associate Member - Dues $40

Any peace officer or criminal justice employee, either federal, state, or local, possessing the qualification of active membership in this Association as required, herein, but who has been employed as a peace officer or criminal justice employee less than one year may become an associate member of the Association.

Life Membership - Dues (one time payment) $240

Any active members of the Association who has been a member for eight or more years and who has attained the age of fifty-five (55) years may thereafter at any time, upon proper application, obtain a life membership in the Association for the remainder of his/her life upon payment.


If you would like to join our association you can do so by completing and mailing the form below:

NDPOA Printable Membership Application